In addition to the terms below, and the operational guidelines on each rented item, the Lessee (customer) agrees to supervise the operation of any rented item and further agrees that if the item is damaged that Lessee will reimburse Easy Does It Entertainment, llc for the full price to fix and/or the full replacement value of the rented item. Before signing this contract, Lessee agrees that Lessee has read the entire contract, has agreed to all terms and conditions herein, and has had all questions answered to the Lessee’s full satisfaction and understanding.

To the address specified by Lessee. Lessee grants Easy Does It Entertainment, llc employees or contractors the right to enter said property for the delivery and return of the rented items. Free delivery within 15 miles of the 23455 zip code. $75.00 min delivery fee outside 15 miles.

Balance less deposit must be paid in full at time of delivery. No refunds after the rented equipment has been delivered. Call three hours before rental time to claim rain check.

Lessee agrees to provide supervision for any person in or around the inflatable and ensures manufacturer’s suggested guidelines are followed. Lessee agrees to provide one 15 amperes outlet rated for 115 volts per inflatable blower and must be within 50 feet of the unit. Only Easy Does It Entertainment, llc provided electric extension cords can be used. If the inflatable blower turns off or unit becomes soft or deflated, remove all users from the inflatable immediately. Identify problem source. Check blower tubes, zippers, power source circuit breaker box. Continue use only when the unit is fully inflated.

Units can only be operated on flat and level surface. Grass, dirt, concrete, pavement each free of sharp debris are compatible surfaces. Do not move or relocate the unit/blower after set up nor tamper with the anchor system. Do not use the inflatable during winds exceeding 15MPH or when lightening has been identified within two miles. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines posted on placard sewn to the inflatable. Before entry, remove shoes, eye glasses, watches, jewelry and any sharp objects worn or in pockets. Absolutely no food, candy, drinks, any and all foreign objects such as but not limited to confetti, trash, gum, bubbles, squirt guns, toys, silly string allowed inside or on the inflatable. Cleaning fees apply if any such items come in contact with the inflatable. Rented items are expected to be in same condition upon pick up as Lessee assumed rented item. Do not climb on the outside of the inflatable. Never allow more than the maximum number of users inside the inflatable stated within the lease. Only children of the same age group should be inside the inflatable at the same time. Under 5 years old: 8-10 max / 6-12 years old: 6-8 / 13-17 years old: 4-5 / Adults: 2-4.


Lessee agrees not to operate the rented items in a manner contrary to contract nor the rules on placards posted on units. If the Lessee operates the rented items in a manner contrary to contact resulting in damage, lessee agrees to pay for the full cost of repairs or full replacement value. Lessee agrees that the rented equipment is for their own entertainment and is not to be sublet or loaned. Lessee assumes responsibility for fire, theft or any other cause of destruction or loss.

Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold Easy Does It Entertainment, llc harmless for any and all claims, actions, suits, proceedings, costs, expenses, fees, damages and liabilities, including but not limited to seasonable attorney’s fees and costs arising by reason of injury, damage or death to persons or property in connection with or resulting from the use of the leased equipment. Lessee hereby releases and holds harmless Easy Does It Entertainment, llc from injuries or damages incurred as a result of the inappropriate use, nature or other conditions beyond its control. Lessee also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Easy Does It Entertainment, llc from any loss, damage, theft or destruction of the equipment during the term of the lease and extensions thereof.

Easy Does It Entertainment, llc implies no warranty of any kind either expressed or implied, as to the condition of performance of any rented equipment. Lessee agrees to immediately discontinue use and contact Easy Does It Entertainment, llc if any of the rented equipment develops indications of defect. Lessee agrees to use the rented equipment at Lessee’s own risk.

In the event Lessee breaches any of the terms of this lease, that Lessee will pay for all consequential damages and further indemnify Easy Does It Entertainment, llc for all cost incurred by Easy Does It Entertainment, llc incurred in enforcing the terms of the lease or in defending any claim or lawsuit arising out of the operations of said equipment, including the amount of any judgement, attorney fees or costs. If Easy Does It Entertainment, llc determines, within its own discretion, that lessee had failed in any way to observe and comply with the conditions of this lease, Easy Does It Entertainment, llc may exercise any of the following remedies: termination of the agreement; reenter property and retake the equipment; declare any outstanding rent and charges immediately due and payable and initiate whatever legal proceedings necessary to recover said equipment or monies; and/or pursue any additional remedies available by law. If a conflict arises, Easy Does It Entertainment, llc and Lessee will abide by the estate law and forgo filing a lawsuit to solve the dispute. By signing my name on this contract, I, being the Lessee, contact person, Lessee representative, or other individual assuming the role of the Lessee, acknowledge that I have completely read and understand this contract and any and all accompanies addendums. I have been fully instructed by Easy Does It Entertainment, llc personnel as a trained operator for the aforementioned equipment and have all of my questions answered to my satisfaction. I understand that I am solely responsible for adhering to the terms set forth by this rental contract agreement and any and all accompanied addendums.

Inflatable Rules:

Players must always be supervised

Play at your own risk

Socks worn at all times

No shoes or sandals

No food, drink, gum or candy in the inflatable area

No pushing, shoving, wrestling or horseplay

No more than recommended number of players at any time

No more than maximum weight limit at any time

No less than recommended height at any time

All sharp objects must be removed from person and pockets

No pregnant or people with ailments

No climbing on the exterior

Feet first on slides

One person on slide at one time

Feet first while exiting

Players must always be supervised

If rented item deflates:

All occupants exit immediately

Check blower is turned “on”

Check blower tubes are attached

Check zippers are closed

Check blower intake is clear

Check blower is plugged in to power

Check extension cord is plugged in to blower / power supply

Reset GFCI outlet if applicable

Check circuit breaker panel box; reset If applicable

Continue use only when unit is fully inflated

Do not move or un-anchor inflatable

If winds exceed 15MPH, discontinue use and turn blower to “off” position

When winds are under 15MPH, turn blower to “on” position

Fully inflate unit before any players begin use